Best Places for Public Sex

Sounds kinky, right? It sure does! You may have done it before or you’re currently thinking about doing it, nevertheless every human being has thought about having sex in public. It can be a sudden urge or a planned out event; whatever it may be. The excitement and adrenaline rush you get from doing something you’re not supposed to be doing is always a turn on. Especially with the chance of getting caught, it just adds to the kink. So here is a list of the best places to have sex in public.

Public Toilets – Old but gold. The best ones are when the cubicles are bigger and the staff and security are preoccupied with other important matters. Don’t go to public toilets where there’s a long line of people outside. Don’t go to the only disabled toilet either in case someone actually needs to use it. The best places would be concerts, bars and shopping centres.

The Park – Find big public parks with a lot of trees and bush. Most of the time, it can get risky because it’s a public park where families could walk right up to you. So choose your time and ideal spot wisely if you want to get away with it safely.

Movie Theatres – It’s one of the best settings because the whole theatre is in complete darkness. You can choose the types of movies with lots of background noise or lots of action happening so it drowns out your moaning. Or you can pick a time of day when there’s barely anyone at the theatre so you can have some alone time in an empty theatre. The best ones are the drive-ins. You get to fool around in the comfort of your own car while being in public. Which brings me to the next place.

In the Car – Classic. Fog up your windows. Dim the lights. Find a dark place to park. You may even forget you’re actually out in public. All anyone can really see is your car squeaking and shaking with the windows frosted. Just make sure you’re not parked at a spot where there’s regular police patrol comes around and kills the mood and locks you up for public sex.

Dark Alleys – In the good old days, there used to be more people having oral sex or more in the back alleys of night clubs and such. It could be someone you just met in the club, it could be an escort you just negotiated a deal with, people end up in dark alleys for sex. Not many people do it anymore but if you can still get away with it, why the hell not?

Remember, the thrill of public sex is all about doing the deed in public and getting away with it. So until you get away with this activity, until you’re home free, it won’t be satisfactory. Avoid places where you can come across as a pervert or get arrested for public indecency. The better you get at getting away with it, the more places you can try out by upgrading to more public places. It can even be your personal challenge. Have fun!