Bucks Party – 3 Things You Must Do

On your last night as a free man, you want to live it up by celebrating in the city with your mates and the lovely company of ladies who you won’t be able to enjoy again for nice while. When you want to party in Melbourne, so many options exist that it can be hard to figure out where to start! Poker night? Hotels? Cruises in the bay with loads of beer and women? No one wants to make their party harder to plan than actually party! Here are three things you can do with your lads (or yourself if you prefer a lone route) to celebrate your evening away:

Topless Barmaids

You have to get used to seeing one pair for a while, so you might as well make the others a lasting memory! If not for you, your boys will certainly enjoy the company of a few women to break the amount of testosterone in the room. And who doesn’t love women who are willing to consent to that? Melbourne offers a slew of choices for you to choose from, and a quick search online will have you ogling for hours trying to pick the right girl(s) for your party. Each service comes with its own packages that go from skimpy dressed to full on lesbian XXX, so look around to see what packages are within you and your friends’ budget that are anywhere between $100-$3000.

Poker Games

No bucks party is complete without a full game of poker all around. With the topless barmaids wandering around or even dealing out the cards, this would be a great way for you to have fun, maybe recoup your losses from other nights, and help test your concentration. The great thing about poker is that unless you want to rent out a room and special table for the game, all you need is a deck of cards and some chips. If you’re looking to go all out, Melbourne offers cruise ship rentals specifically for casino nights – this means that you, your boys, and the girls can go all out with the slots, tables, and more! Be sure to consult your buddies first if they’re okay with losing their money to you.

A Private Strip Show

If these two aren’t enough for you, this is the main kicker and hallmark of what a good buck party consists of – this show usually ends the night for most parties, and it’s no surprise why. The hot feeling of a physical lap dance AND someone physically undressing purely for your enjoyment is enough to send any man’s heart racing. At this point, you may have consumed so much beer that you may not even remember the night – but you can sure bet that your mates will be talking about this show long after the night is over! Alternatively, you and your boys can go to a gentleman’s club for the same effect – but there’s nothing like having someone do it just for you! This is your last night anyway – why not go all out?