Is lust better than love?

Most people know about love. They might not exactly be able to tell you what it is, but they get the idea behind it. You love someone because they look after you, or you just have feelings for that special person. On the other side there is lust, where you just feel desire and a need to have sex with that person. There is quite a difference between the two, yet they seem to be crossing each other’s paths very often. Are love and lust that different from each other?

What is love?

As we said before, everyone has their own definition of what love actually means. But to keep things informative, let’s just say that love is a feeling we have towards other people that we really care for. When we love someone, it is because they are important to us and our lives; and we really appreciate all the good they bring to us. Of course the expression ‘falling in love’ might have a slightly different meaning. Sometimes you meet a girl and you develop instant feelings for her. However, this isn’t really love; instead it is actually called infatuation. Most people think that this is love; but they need to understand that if they call this love; then love is really just an umbrella term covering all the people we have positive feelings towards. You love your parents because they have had your back since day one. How could you feel the same way about a person you just met? It’s different isn’t it, yet people use the same word for those two situations. So yeah; love is complex and subject to interpretation to say the least.

What is lust?

Lust on the other side is an easier feeling to coin. It’s all about desiring someone, wanting to have sex with them. People who are chasing their lustful feelings don’t always try to date serious partners; instead they go to the most dirty dating site they can find and they look for someone to have sex with. When you see a lady with a very short skirt and a transparent top; you don’t feel love, you feel lust. As much as it is a different feeling from love; there are some points of comparison which can be made. Love is intense, but so is lust. In fact lust can sometimes be stronger than love. If you don’t believe that, then answer that question: why do people end up cheating on their perfect loving partners all the time? Is it poor judgement, did they make a mistake? Nah, those are the usual excuse; the truth is that lust took over their mind enough to make them forget about the love they feel for their partner. Lust is a more tangible feeling that can be explained easier if people are to be honest with themselves. But as long as we are human beings, we will always mix love and lust together as they are really part of the same thing.