Is sex better than love?

Seeing how popular sex dating is getting these days makes some of us wonder why people prefer hooking up for sex rather than finding a life partner. After all having the one partner should mean that we can have sex with them as often as we want right? Well, it’s not exactly the case, and a lot of couples actually end up in that situation where they have less sex than single people. Those couples can often look stressed and unhappy with each other; whilst singles who enjoy the occasional bit of sex seem quite happy and contempt about their lives. This makes us ask the questions: Is love overrated, and is sex better than love?

Sex is natural

First of all, sex is a primal instinct that all species have. This is because whether we are human, animals, plants or bacteria; our aim is to spread and reproduce. It is written in our genetic code and it is the one true constant about every living organism. Having the ability to just meet and fuck is something we don’t need to get our heads around; it just feels natural. We feel horny because our body tells us to, which is why watching a naughty movie gets most people to feel excited even if they think they are not into it.

Is love natural?

The instinct to have a family can be traced back to our tribal history. The reason for having a wife and children was born out of many needs mainly based on survival. This is the true nature of coupling; which is totally different than love. Love feels like it is something that is marketed to us so that someone can make a profit out of it. If you think that sounds cynical, just look at the process of getting married. That ‘need’ to buy an expensive ring and an expensive wedding can be explained by the pressure of needing to comply with the norms of society. We get hitched because everyone else does it; but is it truly what we want when our nature is to have sex with as many people as we can?

Grey areas

Of course sex isn’t always the amazing thing we think it is. Illnesses are transmitted through it, some of them deadly. So if it was really in our nature to have sex all the time; wouldn’t that contribute to the decimation of the population by illness overtime? This is when suddenly things are not so black and white; and being in an exclusive relationship starts making sense. So instead of seeing sex and love as two separate identities; how about accepting that they both play an important place in our world. As long as we recognise when our feelings are a product of something being sold to us then we should be able to distinguish whether or not what we feel is genuine. Let’s aim at having a life full of love and full of sex and then we should find our true middle-ground!