Nuru Massage

What is Nuru Massage? Nuru massage is a unique massage technique created in Japan, that could very well be the greatest erotic massage ever known to man or woman. It usually involves, one or more massage professionals covered in odourless and tasteless massage oil also known as Nuru gel that is often made out of seaweed. Masseusses will rub their bodies down with said oil/gel and proceed to rub themselves all over the client’s naked bodies, though some masseuses wear bras and panties, plenty have been known to do so nude as well. It is said to trigger sensations that are often created to relieve one’s stress, and of course give you that utopia feeling of pleasure that you can usually only get with actual sex. The creation of Nuru massage originated because with the new laws that restricted prostitutes or escorts from selling full sexual intercourse, Nuru massage was born as a way to give and receive pleasure non-sexually. Some say it’s just as good and maybe even better than actual sex, that would be something you’d have to judge for yourself, and what fun that could be.

Nuru massage is popular among Asian brothels so that they may give their customers the full stress relieving treatment. But Nuru massages aren’t just for Japan and Asian brothels, they have actually become legal in some areas of the world including Europe, Canada, and Pahrump, Nevada in the United States and many other areas with large cities nearby.

With the rise of the internet, what used to be a well-guarded secret behind closed doors has turned into a worldwide experience that anyone can participate in as long as you know where to go. Should you decide to do some research online about it, there is no shortage of videos, photos, and stories about Nuru massage. The best part, beside the actual massage, is that you no longer have to travel overseas to experience Nuru massage and there is a pretty good chance you can find at least one erotic massage parlour in a big city where you live.

No need to take my word for it of course, but once you research and read what people are saying about Nuru massage, I think that you might be intrigued to give it a try, even if you decide to put your own twist on it, the results could be mind-blowing.