What is Tickle Torture

In the days during the Roman Empire, troops would capture and torture enemies. It’s not a profound revelation, but some of their methods were a bit unexpected compared to the images people usually conjure when hearing about torture. For instance, they would dip the feet of their enemy in salt, secure them on their back and let a goat lick the salt off. This image may be hilarious, but it’s supposed to be unbearable to anyone who is ticklish.

But ancient Rome wasn’t the only purveyor of this laughable (but not so laughable if you’re ticklish) torture tactic, ancient Japan was also in on it. Japanese authorities were granted permission to administer their own form of punishment, one of which being tickle torture, or merciless tickling. Like the Romans, they would strap down the unlucky person, but instead of using a goat, they opted for a feather. That could be where the cartoons got the idea. In any case, being tickle tortured is very real, and has been for quite some time.

It has since found its way from the malevolent hands of the Roman Empire to the not so malevolent, but often crafty, and sometimes insidious hands of BDSM dungeons. Surely Dom’s are far less cruel than Roman troops though. Some dungeons will use rope to secure a person’s torso, legs arms, etc., to elevate them above the ground. They have a slew of tools to use from there: feathers – an oldie but goodie – leather, and their fingers, which always gets the job done, and you are at their complete disposal.

For anyone who has a hypersensitive spot to light touching – maybe the feet, or under the armpit – this is torture, and not at the top of the bucket list. But there are far more nefarious things in the world than being held down and tickled until you piss your pants, or pass out. It’s far from a massage, but being held down and tickled mercilessly could be fun too, with the right company of course. And if you try it and decide it’s not for you, at least you can have a good laugh over it with your buds.

Just like most bodily pleasures that haven’t been tried before, it sounds bizarre, but can be sensual and playful. Maybe a little tickle and a little pain will pair like fine wine and smelly cheese. In the capable hands of an expert, you never know how you’ll feel after. Perhaps you find a euphoric outburst when you’re tickled in just the right spot.