Wolfing It Up In the Sydney CBD!

Anyone who has seen the Wolf of Wall Street movie can get a sense of what life is like working in the Sydney CBD. Of course movies have a way of embellishing the story, but for those working in the financial services industry, cutting loose and blowing off steam takes on a new level when there’s money to be spent.

Me mates and I like to have a good time. We crunch numbers all day and make endless sales calls. Sure, we get paid well and can afford lifestyles that others only dream of, yet it all gets really mundane at times. After a while, distracting ourselves with phone sex just isn’t enough. We need to get out and mix it up, and sometimes we take it to the extreme.

There’s a place near the Cockle Bay Wharf that caters to our needs. We start off there having a few pints and I usually spend some time chatting up our topless waitress. We get to look at the gorgeous sheilas that are strutting their stuff while serving our chow. They’re not shy about showing off their goods as long as the tips keep flowing. The food is excellent, the brews are cold, and we get primed for the night ahead.

We then usually head to our favorite place hidden near the Rydges World Square that has the best strippers. I mean these girls are real stunners. They must all have been aspiring ballerinas and gymnasts before getting into the world of adult entertainment, because they have the most fantastic bodies…and they like to party. They know us on sight as soon as we enter the club. Since we’re not shy about hitting the tin, we tend to get lots of attention. The ladies know how to treat us right!

One night we threw a bachelor party there. We had drinking games, gambling tables, and raffles all going to raise money for the bloke’s honeymoon in Chiang Mai. We were thinking: Mate! Why would you go to Thailand with your wife when there’s so much premium tail there? Nonetheless, that is where they were going, and we were going to take care of him on his last night as a free man.

So, we got him bombed out and blown away in style. He was a full on cot-case by the time daylight rolled around, but somehow he managed to stand up long enough to say the words and kiss the bride. It was the kind of good time we will all remember for a long time!