5 things to avoid when dating online

These days we can talk to people with webcams and microphones, meaning we don’t actually need to be in the same room to have a face-to-face conversation. This is great not only for business but also for our personal lives, and more particularly for when we want to find a dating partner. The truth is that dating websites are now everywhere and this activity has really risen in popularity over the past decade. In fact online dating is now more popular than going out to meet people because of how easy it is; but this doesn’t mean that it’s all in the bag; and as such there are still things we should avoid doing to make sure we are successful and safe.

Giving personal details

Whilst most people are genuinely trying to find a partner; there are still a few scammers out there. We’ve all heard about people getting blackmailed or scammed in some way; and the first and best way to avoid that is to look after our privacy. That means not sharing details such as your surname, address or phone number; and definitely no financial details. Just wait until you’ve talked a few times and make sure you can trust that person and you should be fine.

Getting too excited

Dating is an emotional activity and it is easy to get carried away into our feelings. However just remember that you are still meeting strangers; and as such it is a good idea to keep your head together. Sure free sex chat can get you very horny but keep your analytical thinking and you will be able to spot things you might otherwise not be able to perceive. It is not just to keep away from scammers; but also so you have a good idea of what the people you talk too actually are like. That way you’ll be able to see the situation better; meaning you’ll say the right things which will help you to be successful.

Don’t lie

It’s tempting to lie or even to exaggerate the truth when you’re just sending messages to people; but remember that you will eventually meet face-to-face. No point saying you’re an Olympian if you don’t like sports; just be honest and you’ll find people closer to your own heart. Sure if you lie you will get more responses; but people will know you’re full of it and they’ll ditch you as soon as they figure it out. Be honest and the people you’ll meet will be more like you; and it will work for the best.

Don’t be uncertain

People like to talk to someone who knows what they want; so the best thing you can do is to figure out what you’re all about before you make contact with other people. If you don’t exactly know then say you’re up for experimenting in a few areas. Not knowing doesn’t mean that you don’t want anything so make it sound like you’re curious to try stuff and that will make you sound more assertive.

Don’t be rude

Some people are still stuck in that early 2000’s mentality when men used to treat women like crap to seduce them. It was just a fad; it didn’t really work then and it certainly doesn’t work now. Instead stay nice and polite and be fun! Nice doesn’t mean boring; you can still keep your manners whilst having a bit of a naughty online chat. Politeness is key these days so treat people with respect and you will make yourself a good catch!