You might have seen a dude charming a Russian girl, and you wondered how he did it. It is not easy to charm a lady because you do not know what she likes and what she hates. Charming is not the same as flirting or touching her inappropriately. This simply means that you know when to make her happy and when to comfort her. Charming Russian women requires more than good looks. Do you want to charm Russian women for marriage? Then there are some of the things that you need to do to win their hearts.

Flatter Her

When speaking to a Russian lady, it is quite easy to get her to converse with you. But that is not enough if you want to charm her. Make sure that she feels comfortable and still let her know that you have some feelings for her. Do not talk to her as a friend because she may get the wrong signals. To be charming, the lady needs to see you as a dating potential. Mind how you behave around her because some behaviors might turn her off losing a chance to date her.

Flirt With Her

Russian girls flirt with men all the time. But guys who flirt too much give the ladies a wrong perception of themselves. So it is essential to ensure that you do not overdo you are teasing and gross her out. Ask her some personal questions like what she likes, where she hangs out during weekends, and this will tell her that you are hitting on her.

Touch Her

This is quite dangerous, but you can still try it out. If you want to charm a Russian woman, touch her at the right time and in the right way. If you get that right, be sure that you have made a great impression. Touch her only when there is a reason as most ladies don’t like touchy guys. For example, touch her earlobes when complimenting about her earrings.

Be Funny

After making your Russian girl smile due to the flow of flattery, it is now time to invade her personal space. Everyone has his or her own space which you don’t feel okay discuss with a stranger. To ease her up, make her laugh and have a good time with you. You can make up jokes depending on the subject you are discussing.