Understanding the live sex cams industry from the eyes of a model

What for many was a taboo, today is one of the industries with “more boom” in society. This is virtual entertainment for adults or better known as the Sex cam. In the city of Medellin, more and more web cam studios are increasing and in Colombia there are around 1,000 studios and 20,000 models of this type, which makes it the second country with more alternative models of this industry. Barranquilla is one of the cities where business is more informal. According to a study, that 35% of the models are from Medellín, 30% from Cali, 15% from the Coffee Region, 15% from Bogotá, and 5% from other cities.

More and more older women are entering this world, in which the models do erotic shows online. It’s about maintaining their customers, for that they must please their fetishes and create a connection with them. Therefore, they must be creative not to bore and create a link to get loyal customers.

Jasee, a web cam model, as she calls herself in her live, tells how her life is from the beginning in this world of erotic chat. She is a woman of approximately 1.65 meters, with short hair and dark complexion, who undertook a trip from her town to Medellin in search of improving herself and obtaining income to enter the University of Medellin and fulfill her dream of being a great lawyer.

With only 19 years old she came to the city with the task of finding a stable job. She saw her best opportunity to be a web cam model, as she says it is something she enjoys doing and in which she expresses herself freely unlike her previous work, where she did work that was not to her liking due to her financial need. She is very satisfied with her work, she considers it as the best opportunity that has been presented to her, and comments that month after month her users are increased as well as her income.

Her dream of working in one of the best buffets is not forgotten, because she plans to collect money to start her career. Admittedly or not, this kind of business will continue to exist as long as humans still exist because sexual desire is eternal and for humans, sex is a recreation.